Daily Cyber News 11 Aug 17

Android App Spyware – Think you know what your downloading in the app store, think again. Someone has managed to flood third party app stores and Google Play store with more than 1000 malicious apps, which can monitor almost anything a user does oh his/her phone.  Going by the name of SonicSpy, it has been progressively infiltrating Android app stores for the past 6 months by pretending to be a messaging app.
The best way to protect yourself is to be sure you know what your downloading and stick to the big brands, see what permissions it is asking for, check the reviews of the product and don’t download from third party app stores.
The Weakest Link – After a questionnaire posed to over 250 hackers on what is the weakest link in the security framework the answer was unanimous. Humans. The problem is claimed to be “cyber fatigue” in regards to users remembering all the policies they must obey, having different and complex passwords and never ending software updates. More than ever must organisations mitigate this risk by investing and implementing the right technologies and process to ward off this ‘fatigue.’
Protect Your Identity – The more information there is online about you the easiest it is for attackers to target you. However, trying to eliminate your online past is easier said than done. Old accounts can be forgotten and personal information can get lost in the online jungle. However to start the process you can use tools such as http://backgroundchecks.org/justdeleteme/ or https://www.deseat.me/ to start your online clean up.
APT Trends Report Q2 2017 – For an update on the latest Advanced Persistent Threats of Q2 2017 follow the link to get the top research findings over the last few months including predictions for the rest of the year – https://securelist.com/apt-trends-report-q2-2017/79332/