Month: September 2017

ISIS Poor Coding Skills, South Korea NEO Hoax & 540,000 Car Tracking Device Passwords Leaked

  ISIS Hackers Need Some Coding Practice – Recent research suggests that the coders who work for ISIS produce buggy malware and easily crackable encryption programmes. In not so generous terms, one researcher described three hacking tools created by the group as “absolute garbage”. These identified flaws pretty much render anything produced so far by theRead more »

UK Councils Top Target for Cyber Criminals, Equifax Demonstrates Importance of Incident Management & Logic Bomb Placed in DoD Network

  UK Councils Top Target for Cyber Criminals – An iGov survey of 38 local government departments has revealed that 76% have experienced a cyber-attack and 50% have been hit with ransomware in the past year alone. What was probably easily theorised before the survey is now demonstrated in full in that UK local authoritiesRead more »

APT 33 Update, CCleaner Targeting Tech Companies & GDPR Wakeup Call

  APT 33 – An Iranian cyber group has re-emerged from the Middle East and has been revealed to be a very capable group of hackers with the skills for destructive capability and espionage in the latest FireEye report on the group. Due to the groups interest in both the military/commercial aviation and petrochemical industriesRead more »

Optionsbleed Exploit Leaks Apache Server Memory, iTerm2 Leaks Everything & Infrared Cameras Steal Data

  Optionsbleed Vulnerability – A vulnerability similar to the historic Heartbleed bug but not as severe, has come to light as CVE-2017-9798. Leaking only Apache web server process content from pages only available to authenticated users, the root cause of the vulnerability is Apache’s source code and patch files. When certain configurations are in placeRead more »