US DDoS Attack on North Korea, The Ghost Gun & Over 1000 Incidents Reported to NCSC


US Cyber Command DDoS North Korea – The Washington Post has reported that the US has engaged in offensive cyber warfare against North Korea. Targeting the country’s spy agency and Reconnaissance Bureau, the cyber campaign flooded their servers and crippled their access to the internet. It is not sure how long the attack lasted or when exactly it was launched but it is further example of pressure added to the country along with the international sanctions and severing of trade links. As a result of the continuing attack, Russia did step in to provide another route to the internet and more bandwidth to bring it back online. Analysts believe that the attacks had two goals. One, that it was a warning to the regime of the DPRK of the US’s cyber capabilities and also for the country to reveal its alternate access channels to the internet. Both seem to have been a success.

Untraceable Metal Guns “Ghost Guns” – In the wake of the tragic events of Las Vegas, a story has emerged that undermines any attempt of the US government to control gun ownership in the future. Cody Wilson, has begun to sell a 3D aluminium printing milling machine that can produce an untraceable body of an AR-15. This is on the back of when he made headlines around the world a few years ago, when he produced the world’s first ever 3D printed plastic gun.

Known as the ‘Ghost Gunner’, the new code can not only produce AR-15 bodies but also the aluminium frame for the M1911 handgun series that includes the Colt 45, with other handgun models to follow up in the future. The process takes around an hour per frame and requires minimal human interaction. The ramifications for such a product are staggering, given that once you have the frame (the only part currently you needed to licence with the Department of Justice) all the other parts for the weapon can be obtained via the internet with no questions asked. There have already been instances of where ‘Ghost Guns’ have been used to kill people (John Zawahiri killing 5 people in 2013) and Cody’s company has already sold over 1000 models of the 3D printer. The threat from ghost guns is real and growing.

1,000 Incidents Reported in its First Year – Over 1,000 incidents have been reported to the National Cyber Security Centre in its first year being operational. Part of GCHQ, the centre has reported that nearly 50% of these incidents have been of a significant threat. None however, have been a category one which means it involved interference of the democratic system or crippled the critical national infrastructure. With cyber attacks becoming a normality and information wars being fought on all sides, it is felt that the number of incidents and their significance is only going to increase.