Real-Time Facial Recognition in Australia, India’s National Registry Breached & Fast-Food Chain Sonic Confirm Malware


Australia’s Facial Biometric Database – Prime Minister Turnbull’s proposed facial biometric database has been given the thumbs up by a group of Australian state and territory leaders. This will allow for security services and law agencies to track and locate a citizen in real-time using facial recognition software. The database solution will bring together federal government photo ID, passports and driving licence information, which have all been available to law agencies prior but never combined. Concerns have been raised that the country is moving headlong into becoming a surveillance state but the heads of state backing the database counter by saying it will help combat terrorism, fraud and drug trafficking. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, the big first test for the database will be the upcoming Gold Coast Commonwealth Games where we may see the system used for the first time.

India’s National Registry Hacked – An Indian cyber security firm has claimed that the nation’s internet registry has suffered a data breach after finding advertisements on the Dark Web for secret access to data on the registry. Around 6000 Indian businesses are included and screenshots confirm the legitimacy of what the hackers are offering despite the registry claiming the information that was obtained is trivial. To view the information the hackers have set a price of 15 Bitcoins and the data seems significant enough that the attackers are offering network takedown of any of the affected businesses for an additional sum. The security company who found the data also claim that the information could be used to disrupt the internet IP allocation and affect internet services throughout India. Whether this comes to fruition remains to be seen with the National Internet Exchange of India also countering by saying that only basic information was taken. Time will tell.

Sonic Customers Credit Card Details Stolen by Malware¬†– The fast food chain, Sonic has confirmed that hackers have stolen customers credit and debit card information using a piece of malware. Quite what the malware is has not been specified but it seems the attack was focused on drive-in locations. Customers who used their cards at Sonic Drive-In in the last year are being offered 24 months free fraud detection and identity theft protection services by Experian. However, it is advised for customers to read the fine print before signing up for these schemes. It does also seem that the credit/debit card details are also part of the massive 5 million dump found on the Joker’s Stash website that was reported on here a few days ago. Sonic now becomes part of the list of major restaurant chains that have had a payment card breach in the last year that include Wendy’s, Arby’s and Chipotle.