Month: October 2017

Eastern Europe Hit by Bad Rabbit Ransomware, Kaspersky Opens Code to 3rd Party Review & APT 28 Has Massive Fail

  Ukraine Called It Right – A few reports ago, we reported that Ukraine Security Services were warning its government, critical infrastructure and businesses that a new wave of ransomware was about to hit the country. Well that has now happened and it seems to be just as devastating and disruptive as the WannaCry andRead more »

Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack, Amazon WholeFoods Branches Breached & Dynamic Data Exchange Exploit

    Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack – US Homeland Security has reported that the APT Dragonfly/Energetic Bear has been targeting the countries energy, nuclear, water, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors since May 2017. With the FBI now actively involved in the investigation, these attacks are likely to be the first attempt to compromiseRead more »

NATO is Concerned about Russia’s Hybrid Warfare Capabilities, Reaper IoT Botnet Worse than Mirai & Russian Cyber Spies Exploiting Flash Zero-Day

  Russia May Have Surpassed NATO – NATO is worried about keeping up and being able to counter Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy. The Alliance has recognised that it needs to adapt to the mixture of conventional tactics, subversive campaigns and cyber warfare that Russia is adopting and using currently in Ukraine. Recent war games runRead more »

Foreign Powers Waging Unrelenting Espionage Campaign in Australia, Attackers Scanning for SSH Keys & CryptoMining is Everywhere

  Extensive Foreign Meddling – Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has said it is struggling to cope with the amount of foreign cyber meddling in its home affairs. Spy Chief, Duncan Lewis reported that over the past year the issue has been getting steadily worse but that the campaigns are getting more extensive, unrelenting andRead more »