Month: October 2017

Lazarus Group Attributed to Taiwan Bank Heist, New Google Feature to Lock Down Your Account & Kids’ Smartwatches are Easily Hackable

  Lazarus Attributed to Taiwan Bank Heist – As reported on here on Oct 11, all evidence of the actors behind the failed $60M bank heist in Taiwan, now points to the Lazarus Group. Some of those attempting to steal via fraudulent transactions on a compromised Swift account in Taiwan from foreign banks located inRead more »

Malware for Sale that Lets Anyone Empty ATMs, Serious Crypto-Flaw Means Private RSA Keys are Recoverable & North Korea Hit UK TV Drama

  Cutlet Maker – Anyone can now buy an exploit online that makes ATMs release money with a few simple clicks on a wireless keyboard. On sale on underground hacking forums for around ¬£5000, Cutlet Maker tricks the bank ATM to release cash without authorisation. It seems like two people are required to operate theRead more »

Modern Ships are Easy to Hack, Ukraine Police Warn of New NotPetya Cyber Attack & Pizza Hut US Breached

  Severe Security Lapses in Modern Ships – Following on from reports a few months ago about the US 10th Fleet Navy being victim of a potential cyber attack, security researcher Ken Munro has revealed that modern ships show major lapses in their security configuration. By just utilising basic tools available to anyone with aRead more »

Equifax Website was Redirecting Users to Malicious Sites, Trusted Contact Facebook Scam & Android DoubleLocker Ransomware

  Equifax Website Redirecting Users to Malicious Sites¬†– Unfortunately for the company that cannot just get a break from continuous cyber security faux pas, it has become apparent that Equifax’s credit report assistance webpage was redirecting users to some pretty nasty websites recently. With the sites popping up fake Flash Player update files that containedRead more »