Month: October 2017

Streaming Could be Your Downfall, Spies Hacking Spies & Real-Time Translation

  Malware Hiding on Streaming Sites – Free yet illegal streams of films, TV shows and sports fixtures could end up costing you dearly as it has been found that hackers are planting malware on streaming sites in exchange for money. With more and more people watching content illegally (more people watched Games of ThronesRead more »

Real-Time Facial Recognition in Australia, India’s National Registry Breached & Fast-Food Chain Sonic Confirm Malware

  Australia’s Facial Biometric Database – Prime Minister Turnbull’s proposed facial biometric database has been given the thumbs up by a group of Australian state and territory leaders. This will allow for security services and law agencies to track and locate a citizen in real-time using facial recognition software. The database solution will bring togetherRead more »

Small Businesses Still Unfamiliar with GDPR, All Yahoo Users Now Victims & Malicious Email with your Real Details

  50% of Small Businesses Still Unsure of GDPR – Research conducted by Collyer Bristow has revealed that 18% of surveyed businesses have said they would go bankrupt if they were to pay the new, higher premium fines as a result of being in breach of the new GDPR laws. With 50% of small businessesRead more »

US DDoS Attack on North Korea, The Ghost Gun & Over 1000 Incidents Reported to NCSC

  US Cyber Command DDoS North Korea – The Washington Post has reported that the US has engaged in offensive cyber warfare against North Korea. Targeting the country’s spy agency and Reconnaissance Bureau, the cyber campaign flooded their servers and crippled their access to the internet. It is not sure how long the attack lastedRead more »