Author: Tom Moor

Daily Cyber News 11 Aug 17

Android App Spyware – Think you know what your downloading in the app store, think again. Someone has managed to flood third party app stores and Google Play store with more than 1000 malicious apps, which can monitor almost anything a user does oh his/her phone.  Going by the name of SonicSpy, it has beenRead more »

Daily Cyber News 10 Aug 17

Locky Ransonware Returns – Once considered the largest distributed ransomware ever, Locky, after a period of quietness is being heavily distributed again worldwide. Pushing a new variant, this campaign is being distributed through email with subject lines similar to “E[date] (random_number).docx (i.e. E2017-08-10 (736).docx).  The message within the email simply reads “Files attached. Thanks” IfRead more »

Daily Cyber News 09 Aug 17

Destructive Ransomware – Organisations should be prepared for more cyber attacks like what we have witnessed recently in regards to the WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya attacks. Rather than looking to encrypt and demand payment the new trend seems to be for the cause of destruction within computer networks. With the cyber tools/exploits released from the US NationalRead more »