Author: Tom Moor

Daily Cyber News 08 Aug 17

Power Grid Vulnerabilities – An Irish power utility company (EirGrid) sustained an apparent man-in-the-middle attack through Vodafone’s Direct Internet Access service this year. Luckily not an attack on the power distribution itself, instead it seems it was a data collect mission. However, what’s more concerning is that the attack has been attributed to an unspecifiedRead more »

Daily Cyber News 07 Aug 17

Data Protection Law Overhaul – The new proposal is part of an overhaul of UK data protection laws that aims to provide people with greater control over their own personal information and what happens to it. The new proposals will make it simpler for people to withdraw consent for their personal data to be used.Read more »

Daily Cyber News 05 Aug 17

Cerber Ransonware – One of the worst types of ransomware has received an update that allows it to collect and steal data from a victims computer, dump passwords stored in browsers such as IE, Chrome and FireFox and also steal files related to Bitcoin wallets. This is in addition to encrypting your files and demandingRead more »

Daily Cyber New 04 Aug 17

Trickbot – July 2017 has seen a rise in activity of the banking Trojan, Trickbot with a number of campaigns being detected and currently reaching around 140 financial institutions across the globe. UKs HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Santander have both been impersonated along with other impersonating campaigns in the US financial institutions. ARead more »