Business Contingency Planning & Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

In todays competitive world CSC understands that your business has to continue functioning whatever it is faced with.

Even a day out of operating and your competitor can get the edge. Whatever the risks may be, CSC will work to Identify them and help you plan to Reduce the impact they pose. However, no plan is worth the paper it is written on until it is tried and tested, we will stand with you to test the plan in a controlled environment so all parts of the business know what their role is should the plan be called into action and what will happen next. We will then review the plan and adjust to make sure that it is fit for purpose and something your company can be proud of, knowing that you have the upper hand on your competitors and all your teams are prepared and ready for every identified eventuality.

Should the worst happen you will be confident that your business operations will continue to function, this will show your clients and your competitors why you are the company of choice. Your clients will feel confident that they will not be let down, and trust in todays world is paramount to success.


If you already have a BCP then here at CSC we can review this for you and again help you test the plan to ensure its relevance and that it still remains current, whether you want this on an ad hoc basis on on cyclical term we will work with you to meet your business needs.

If along the way the situation changes, you move office, you have new teams or management for instance then we would recommend that the plan is checked and assessed. You are only as good as the currency of the plan.