Counter Terrorist Contingency Planning (CTCP)

Some companies may have some form of business contingency plan for loss of power, heating or water.

Some might even have a disaster plan. All will have a fire evacuation policy of some kind. But how many have looked at the effect on terrorism on their business? 

All terrorist attacks – whether a low-level, knife-wielding marauding attack or a more sophisticated attack requiring planning, advanced weaponry and techniques – have an effect. An effect that your business may be caught up in. Now imagine that this has happened to your building, to your business, to your assets. What do your staff do? How do they escape? How do you account for everyone? What will the counter-terrorism teams do when they arrive? How will they clear the building? What will they expect from you and how can you assist? Then, of course, there is tomorrow to think about. What are the priorities? What will the crime scene investigators need? How should the site be secured? When will the business be able to start operating again? 

The list goes on. And this is just a snapshot of the first few hours  during and after an attack. 

Here at CSC we have individuals who have been involved in these situations as members of the security services. They have planned for these eventualities for government departments, corporations and banks.


CSC are market leaders in this field and have skills like no other. We will work with you to make sure that should the worst scenario happen you have the plan and the plan has been tested. We need to accept that terrorism is a part of our lives and will continue to be so. We don’t need to fear it we need to understand it and plan for it to ensure we remain safe and that we maintain the upper hand. We plan for fire and practice evacuation, it becomes a drill, we can plan for and drill our response to a terrorist incident.

In business you can not afford  to stop functioning, if you do your competitors will get the edge, your clients may lose faith. This is unacceptable to us at CSC and is no doubt unacceptable to you.

Whether your business is located, nationally or internationally we can be there to provide the support you need and work to make sure you and your business and teams are safe.