Cyber Security Solutions

It is not a question of if, it's is a question of when your systems and network will be compromised by a malicious threat.

Whether it’s via malicious software, social engineering or an inside threat, you must be prepared to react to minimise the damage to your business. At CSC, we offer cyber incident management consultancy based on a range of services founded in international recognised standards that will allow your business to adapt, mitigate and overcome threats to your business.

These services include;

There are no borders or time zone restrictions when it comes to defending against threats to your company’s personally identifiable information (PII), or sensitive personal information (SPI) and you must ensure you have a plan and can react quickly. CSC can advise on how best to implement cyber security practices into your workplace, highlight areas of current weakness and train your staff to be your frontline of defence against this growing threat.

CSC can assess where your current weaknesses are in your business, where your processes and controls fall short and advise on how to react if an incident occurs. With businesses suffering from ever increasing limited resources and a complex and highly dynamic technological world with sophisticated threat actors looking for easy targets, it is essential you are prepared. CSC will aim to make you a highly adaptable, competent and assured business that is at the forefront of information security.

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