Physical Security Assessment (PSA)

How secure is your location, your building, your assets? At CSC we can assess this for you and provide you with your strengths and weaknesses.

We offer a range of services in this field that we can provide our clients to allow them to test different aspects of their physical security.

Whether it be an overt assessment where we come with clip board in hand and examine your security in conjunction with your security teams, or covert action authorised by you where we conduct a penetration test and explore weaknesses in your security by trying to gain access to certain areas that should be off limits to the general public, or a combination of the 2. We all work to find those gaps that can be exploited by criminals, competitors, saboteurs or worse still internal threats

You can be confident that CSC will maintain confidentiality on all its finding, we are loyal to our clients and any gaps we find in your security will remain between us. As part of the Physical Security Assessment we can examine improvements that can be made and tailor this to your specific threats.