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Russia Provides North Korea with Internet, NSA Worker Revealed in Kaspersky Scandal & DJI Drone Accused of Spying on Critical Infrastructure

  Russia in Bed with North Korea – With diplomatic tensions rising between North Korea and nearly every other country out there, there is one who is making closer ties with the hermit country. Russia is positioning itself to be a stronger North Korean ally, reaching out to provide North Korea with an internet connection.Read more »

Kaspersky Admits it Did Collect NSA Tools, Reaper IoT Botnet Gathers Strength & A Hacker Hacks the Hackers

  Kaspersky Provides its Side of the Story – Kaspersky published today its version of events in regards to the whole US-Russian-Kaspersky spying saga. It was in response to reports recently claiming that Russian FSB agents had effectively turned the Anti-Virus into an interactive search engine and was able to scan computers all over theRead more »

Daily Cyber News 11 Aug 17

Android App Spyware – Think you know what your downloading in the app store, think again. Someone has managed to flood third party app stores and Google Play store with more than 1000 malicious apps, which can monitor almost anything a user does oh his/her phone.  Going by the name of SonicSpy, it has beenRead more »