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Daily Cyber Intelligence Update 01 Aug 17

Cyber Intelligence Update for the 01 August 2017. CSC are helping businesses by delivering regular updates on what is happening with regards to cyber threats around the world. WikiLeaks dump another round of CIA hacking documents from Vault 7. Tools include Achilles (trojan an OS X disc image (.dmg) installer), SeaPea (stealthy MAC OS Rootkit)Read more »

Counter-Terrorism Contingency in Business

Counter-terrorism Contingency in Business Kunming. St Petersburg. Java. Jerusalem. Alexandria. Istanbul. Berlin. Paris. London. Ohio. From the Far East to the West, all these cities are linked by terrorism. And they are not alone. All terrorist attacks – whether a low-level, knife-wielding marauding attack or a more sophisticated attack requiring planning, advanced weaponry and techniquesRead more »