MacOS High Sierra Root Password Flaw, Insecure Android Cryptocurrency Wallets & Uber Reveals 2.7M UK People Affected By Breach

  Change Root Password Now – Lemi Orhan Ergin disclosed via Twitter today a major flaw with the new macOS High Sierra that allows anyone with physical and remote access to your mac access. Anyone can login as “root” with an empty password after clicking on the login button several times. By accessing root, youRead more »

Apple Face ID Fooled Again, UK NHS Creating a SOC & Facebook Tool Reveals Russian Propaganda

  Artificial Twin – The Vietnamese hackers that posted a video earlier this month claiming to have fooled Apple’s Face ID with a mask costing less than $150 have returned to counter their naysayers. In their original video, they didn’t show the enrolment process or how long it took from that point to unlocking theRead more »

Cryptojacking Script Found in Live Help Widget, Scarab Ransomware On the Loose & Tether Hack Not as Bad as First Feared…Maybe

  1500 Websites Affected – It seems criminals have been making the most of the Thanksgiving Holiday with most security professionals at home over the festive period and lots of people online for Black Friday. However, one researcher who didn’t have any time off discovered that around 1500 websites have been affected by a cryptojackingRead more »

How to Protect Yourself on Black Friday

  Tomorrow’s Black Friday event (or Christmas morning for hackers) is when everyone is hoping that they can catch an amazing bargain online. Unfortunately it is also primetime for hackers, who have been preparing and waiting for this shopping extravaganza in eager anticipation for people to be careless with what they buy. Carefully constructing phishingRead more »