WikiLeaks Releases Source Code of CIA Weapon, Toast Overlay Attack Detected & DDoS-for-Hire App in Play Store

  Bad News for the CIA and The Good Guys – For the first time, WikiLeaks has published the source code for a CIA cyber weapon. Dubbed ‘Hive’, the toolkit is an implant framework system that allows CIA operatives to control malware it has deployed on a system. This is a major step change fromRead more »

Hack Tools Hacking the Hackers, Cryptojacking Craze Getting Worse & Ransomware the No. 1 Technology Threat to Patients in 2018

  Script Kiddies Beware – If you are a beginner to hacking and are searching online for free hack tools, it is wise to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Previous examples have included the Cobian RAT and the Facebook Hacking tool that instead of hacking the intended victims, inRead more »

America’s Evolving Cyber Army, Sowbug Target Diplomatic Targets & Fancy Bear Deliver Malware via DDE Tactic

  The Future of Cyber Conflict – The Cycon 2017 conference is meeting in Washington DC over the next couple of days, which aims to discuss the key themes of current and future cyber threats that the US Army and NATO face. So far everyone seems to be in agreement of the growing importance ofRead more »