Vietnamese Cyber Spies Rival Russians in their Sophistication, Digitally Signed Malware & Using Lava Lamps for Encryption

  OceanLotus/APT32 as Good as Turla – A cyber espionage group believed to be operating out of Vietnam has demonstrated such complexity and skills with their attacks that they are rivalling the notorious Russian APT actor, Turla. Active since 2012, they have targeted various organisations (governments, tech firms, banks and the hospitality sector) in southeastRead more »

Six Russian Government Officials Involved in DNC Hack, Hackers Poison Google Search Results and Deliver Banking Trojan & Art Galleries Attacked by Hackers

  DNC Hack – The US Department of Justice has reportedly gathered enough evidence to charge at least six Russian government officials for their alleged role in the DNC hack during the 2016 presidential election. With US intelligence agencies concluding that Russia was behind the hack and now Capitol Hill being shown how the likesRead more »

Banks Targeted by the Silent Group, ONI Malware – Ransomware or Wiper & North Korea Steals Warship Blueprints

  Banks Targeted by ‘Silent’ Trojan – An unknown hacking group that has been dubbed the ‘Silence Group’ has been leveraging techniques similar to those deployed by the infamous Carbanak hacking group. Breaking into financial institutions via spear phishing campaigns, they stay there, silent, watching and recording employees activities, exfiltrate the data which in turnRead more »