Physical Security Review

Here at CSC we want to make sure that you and your family are safe,

for whatever reason you feel that you need a security review we will stand by your side to ensure that you are issued with the most relevant advice from a professional company.

Wherever in the world you are travelling or residing we can support you to make sure your security is assessed and planned for, we can examine your home and work, how and where you travel, your family’s movements and more. We look at the whole picture to ensure that you are confident that your family are safe with CSC.

Members of the team at CSC have advised heads of state, serving politicians and ex politicians, they have advised on state visits and planned for their safety, they have advised on physical security for individuals houses and work. We have close protection officers who have provided personal security to heads of corporations, NGOS’s and more. Whatever your needs we have the team to support you.