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MacOS High Sierra Root Password Flaw, Insecure Android Cryptocurrency Wallets & Uber Reveals 2.7M UK People Affected By Breach

  Change Root Password Now – Lemi Orhan Ergin disclosed via Twitter today a major flaw with the new macOS High Sierra that allows anyone with physical and remote access to your mac access. Anyone can login as “root” with an empty password after clicking on the login button several times. By accessing root, youRead more »

Sonic Breach Linked to Joker’s Stash of 5 Million Stolen Credit Cards, Apple iOS Location Loophole & MIT’s CodeCarbonCopy

  Sonic Breach Linked to 5 Million Credit Cards on Joker’s Stash – The fast-food chain with nearly 3,600 locations throughout the US has acknowledged that it has suffered a major cyber breach in its store payment systems. It also seems that the mysterious and unprecedented upload of 5 million credit cards on Joker’s Stash recentlyRead more »

London the Hotspot for Botnets, Hackers are Within the NHS & Apple iOS 10 Wi-Fi Hack

  London Hotspot for Botnets – 34% of all the botnets in the UK are within the confines of the capital city it has been found. Utilising Norton’s European map of botnets, you can examine which countries hold the top spots in regards to amount of botnets within their borders and also how many botnets thereRead more »

Optionsbleed Exploit Leaks Apache Server Memory, iTerm2 Leaks Everything & Infrared Cameras Steal Data

  Optionsbleed Vulnerability – A vulnerability similar to the historic Heartbleed bug but not as severe, has come to light as CVE-2017-9798. Leaking only Apache web server process content from pages only available to authenticated users, the root cause of the vulnerability is Apache’s source code and patch files. When certain configurations are in placeRead more »