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Foreign Powers Waging Unrelenting Espionage Campaign in Australia, Attackers Scanning for SSH Keys & CryptoMining is Everywhere

  Extensive Foreign Meddling – Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has said it is struggling to cope with the amount of foreign cyber meddling in its home affairs. Spy Chief, Duncan Lewis reported that over the past year the issue has been getting steadily worse but that the campaigns are getting more extensive, unrelenting andRead more »

Israel Spies Catch Russian Spies Spying on American Spies, Secret F-35, P-8 and C-130 Data Stolen & Hackers Steal $60M from Taiwanese Bank

  Spies Spying on Spies – According to a report in the New York Times, Israeli government hackers whilst hacking Kaspersky’s network in 2015, found Russian government hackers hacking US government spies with the aid of Kaspersky. Just let that sink in for a minute but it shouldn’t come as too much of a shockRead more »

Real-Time Facial Recognition in Australia, India’s National Registry Breached & Fast-Food Chain Sonic Confirm Malware

  Australia’s Facial Biometric Database – Prime Minister Turnbull’s proposed facial biometric database has been given the thumbs up by a group of Australian state and territory leaders. This will allow for security services and law agencies to track and locate a citizen in real-time using facial recognition software. The database solution will bring togetherRead more »