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Banks Targeted by the Silent Group, ONI Malware – Ransomware or Wiper & North Korea Steals Warship Blueprints

  Banks Targeted by ‘Silent’ Trojan – An unknown hacking group that has been dubbed the ‘Silence Group’ has been leveraging techniques similar to those deployed by the infamous Carbanak hacking group. Breaking into financial institutions via spear phishing campaigns, they stay there, silent, watching and recording employees activities, exfiltrate the data which in turnRead more »

North Korea Hackers Steal US-South Korea War Plans, FIN7 Hackers Return with New Attack & Dubai Airport Replacing Security Booths

  Military War Documents Stolen – Around 235GB of US-South Korean military documents have apparently been stolen by North Korean hackers. The DPRK have denied the claim but everything from wartime contingency plans, Special Forces operations, South Korean power plants/military facilities and even an assassination plan of Kim Jong-un have been apparently taken. With theRead more »