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FALLCHILL Remote Access Trojan Being Used by North Korea, 17-year-old MS Office Vulnerability & NSA Employee’s Laptop Riddled With Malware

  FALLCHILL RAT & VOLGMER Backdoor – The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued details of a hacking tool being used by a group associated with North Korea called “Hidden Cobra” or more commonly known as Lazarus Group. FALLCHILL is a remote access trojan that has been used by the group to hackRead more »

WikiLeaks Vault 8, US Not Alone in Election Hacking & Google Addresses Accessibility Services Flaw

  No End in Sight – With the latest round of WikiLeaks dumps now upping the game in regards to severity, reports are circulating that the US intelligence agency, the NSA was engaged in false flag operations. This is a method where certain activities are conducted to make cyber attacks seem attributed to other actorsRead more »

China Tests Limits of US Hacking Truce, North Korea EMP Threat & Cyber Attacks an Act of War

  US – China Digital Diplomacy Struggles – Since 2015, the world’s two superpowers have agreed in writing to not hack each other’s private sector companies for commercial gain, which was recognised as the most effective demonstration of government negotiation to curtail cyberspying. However, under the surface, cybersecurity researchers along with recent world events haveRead more »

Deloitte Scrutiny Reveals More Security Lapses, China Bans WhatsApp & US Hospitals Unprepared for Cyber Attacks

  Deloitte Cyber Attack – “Engage in proactive messaging to the broader base of stakeholders and the public regarding what is known and not known, and what the organization is doing,” is the advice that Deloitte itself provides on how to handle the strategic and reputational risk of a major cyber breach. So far the company is keepingRead more »