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Crypto Cracked, The World’s Richest About to be Exposed & Hacker Takes Over Coinhive

  Don’t Use Hardcoded Keys (DUHK) – Security researchers have found a serious security issue involving an old pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) protocol, deprecated in many products but still found in around 25,000 devices made by Fortinet. Protocol ANSI X9.31, from the 1990s was approved and in use up until 2016 as it uses fixedRead more »

Foreign Powers Waging Unrelenting Espionage Campaign in Australia, Attackers Scanning for SSH Keys & CryptoMining is Everywhere

  Extensive Foreign Meddling – Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has said it is struggling to cope with the amount of foreign cyber meddling in its home affairs. Spy Chief, Duncan Lewis reported that over the past year the issue has been getting steadily worse but that the campaigns are getting more extensive, unrelenting andRead more »

Deloitte Breach May Have Affected 350 Clients, North Korea is Testing America’s Electrical Companies & The Pirate Bay Running Cryptocurrency Miner

  Deloitte Cyber Attack Compromised 350 Clients – Reports from both the Guardian and Reuters are claiming that an estimated 350 clients, including US government departments, the United Nations and some of the world’s biggest multinationals have been affected by the recent Deloitte breach. With Deloitte initially claiming that only six clients were initially impacted,Read more »