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Russia Provides North Korea with Internet, NSA Worker Revealed in Kaspersky Scandal & DJI Drone Accused of Spying on Critical Infrastructure

  Russia in Bed with North Korea – With diplomatic tensions rising between North Korea and nearly every other country out there, there is one who is making closer ties with the hermit country. Russia is positioning itself to be a stronger North Korean ally, reaching out to provide North Korea with an internet connection.Read more »

BadRabbit Author’s Make Mistakes, unCAPTCHA breaks reCAPTCHA & Reaper Update

  More Than Meets the Eye – FireEye, Cylance and Kaspersky have all begun to issue their reports on BadRabbit and some surprising points have been discovered. It has been found that the ransomware skips encryption if it detects Dr. Web anti-virus software or some McAfee products. This is most likely due to the wayRead more »

US DDoS Attack on North Korea, The Ghost Gun & Over 1000 Incidents Reported to NCSC

  US Cyber Command DDoS North Korea – The Washington Post has reported that the US has engaged in offensive cyber warfare against North Korea. Targeting the country’s spy agency and Reconnaissance Bureau, the cyber campaign flooded their servers and crippled their access to the internet. It is not sure how long the attack lastedRead more »