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Deloitte Breach May Have Affected 350 Clients, North Korea is Testing America’s Electrical Companies & The Pirate Bay Running Cryptocurrency Miner

  Deloitte Cyber Attack Compromised 350 Clients – Reports from both the Guardian and Reuters are claiming that an estimated 350 clients, including US government departments, the United Nations and some of the world’s biggest multinationals have been affected by the recent Deloitte breach. With Deloitte initially claiming that only six clients were initially impacted,Read more »

Russian Intelligence Breached the NSA in 2015, Iranian Hackers Target Deloitte Employees & Defending Against Cyber Attacks as Important as Combating Terrorism

  NSA Breached in 2015 – It has come to light that in 2015 the NSA suffered a serious breach that exposed its cyberwarfare strategy, including its own methods of defence and various offensive cyber tools. The material was supposedly exfiltrated from an NSA contractor’s computer that was secured by Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus software. ReportsRead more »

Deloitte Scrutiny Reveals More Security Lapses, China Bans WhatsApp & US Hospitals Unprepared for Cyber Attacks

  Deloitte Cyber Attack – “Engage in proactive messaging to the broader base of stakeholders and the public regarding what is known and not known, and what the organization is doing,” is the advice that Deloitte itself provides on how to handle the strategic and reputational risk of a major cyber breach. So far the company is keepingRead more »