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WikiLeaks Vault 8, US Not Alone in Election Hacking & Google Addresses Accessibility Services Flaw

  No End in Sight – With the latest round of WikiLeaks dumps now upping the game in regards to severity, reports are circulating that the US intelligence agency, the NSA was engaged in false flag operations. This is a method where certain activities are conducted to make cyber attacks seem attributed to other actorsRead more »

Six Russian Government Officials Involved in DNC Hack, Hackers Poison Google Search Results and Deliver Banking Trojan & Art Galleries Attacked by Hackers

  DNC Hack – The US Department of Justice has reportedly gathered enough evidence to charge at least six Russian government officials for their alleged role in the DNC hack during the 2016 presidential election. With US intelligence agencies concluding that Russia was behind the hack and now Capitol Hill being shown how the likesRead more »

Lazarus Group Attributed to Taiwan Bank Heist, New Google Feature to Lock Down Your Account & Kids’ Smartwatches are Easily Hackable

  Lazarus Attributed to Taiwan Bank Heist – As reported on here on Oct 11, all evidence of the actors behind the failed $60M bank heist in Taiwan, now points to the Lazarus Group. Some of those attempting to steal via fraudulent transactions on a compromised Swift account in Taiwan from foreign banks located inRead more »

Streaming Could be Your Downfall, Spies Hacking Spies & Real-Time Translation

  Malware Hiding on Streaming Sites – Free yet illegal streams of films, TV shows and sports fixtures could end up costing you dearly as it has been found that hackers are planting malware on streaming sites in exchange for money. With more and more people watching content illegally (more people watched Games of ThronesRead more »