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Sonic Breach Linked to Joker’s Stash of 5 Million Stolen Credit Cards, Apple iOS Location Loophole & MIT’s CodeCarbonCopy

  Sonic Breach Linked to 5 Million Credit Cards on Joker’s Stash – The fast-food chain with nearly 3,600 locations throughout the US has acknowledged that it has suffered a major cyber breach in its store payment systems. It also seems that the mysterious and unprecedented upload of 5 million credit cards on Joker’s Stash recentlyRead more »

Daily Cyber News 17 Aug 17

‘Russian’ Hack of GPS – A report in the US Maritime Administration has revealed that around 20 ships in the Black Sea in June had their GPS compromised in a spoofing attack. Rather than having their GPS signals jammed, this is the first documented case of GPS misdirection using a spoof signal. All the ships reported thatRead more »