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Apple Face ID Fooled Again, UK NHS Creating a SOC & Facebook Tool Reveals Russian Propaganda

  Artificial Twin – The Vietnamese hackers that posted a video earlier this month claiming to have fooled Apple’s Face ID with a mask costing less than $150 have returned to counter their naysayers. In their original video, they didn’t show the enrolment process or how long it took from that point to unlocking theRead more »

London the Hotspot for Botnets, Hackers are Within the NHS & Apple iOS 10 Wi-Fi Hack

  London Hotspot for Botnets – 34% of all the botnets in the UK are within the confines of the capital city it has been found. Utilising Norton’s European map of botnets, you can examine which countries hold the top spots in regards to amount of botnets within their borders and also how many botnets thereRead more »

Daily Cyber News 30 Aug 17

  Another NHS Ransomware Attack – NHS Lanarkshire seems to have been hit with the Bit Paymer ransomware last Friday. Several hospitals reported the infection with NHS officials acknowledging the attack straight away. Several procedures and appointments were affected but it seems due to the swift action of the staff at the hospitals the disruption andRead more »