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WikiLeaks Releases Source Code of CIA Weapon, Toast Overlay Attack Detected & DDoS-for-Hire App in Play Store

  Bad News for the CIA and The Good Guys – For the first time, WikiLeaks has published the source code for a CIA cyber weapon. Dubbed ‘Hive’, the toolkit is an implant framework system that allows CIA operatives to control malware it has deployed on a system. This is a major step change fromRead more »

Modern Ships are Easy to Hack, Ukraine Police Warn of New NotPetya Cyber Attack & Pizza Hut US Breached

  Severe Security Lapses in Modern Ships – Following on from reports a few months ago about the US 10th Fleet Navy being victim of a potential cyber attack, security researcher Ken Munro has revealed that modern ships show major lapses in their security configuration. By just utilising basic tools available to anyone with aRead more »