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Russia Provides North Korea with Internet, NSA Worker Revealed in Kaspersky Scandal & DJI Drone Accused of Spying on Critical Infrastructure

  Russia in Bed with North Korea – With diplomatic tensions rising between North Korea and nearly every other country out there, there is one who is making closer ties with the hermit country. Russia is positioning itself to be a stronger North Korean ally, reaching out to provide North Korea with an internet connection.Read more »

Fifth Case of NSA Data Loss in Five Years, Russia May Build its Own DNS & Scientists Build Biggest Quantum Simulators

  Another Leaky Bucket – Another case of sensitive data on show from another unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket was made public today with the information exposed belonging to the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). INSCOM are a component of the NSA and the database exposed was found to contain classified informationRead more »

FALLCHILL Remote Access Trojan Being Used by North Korea, 17-year-old MS Office Vulnerability & NSA Employee’s Laptop Riddled With Malware

  FALLCHILL RAT & VOLGMER Backdoor – The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued details of a hacking tool being used by a group associated with North Korea called “Hidden Cobra” or more commonly known as Lazarus Group. FALLCHILL is a remote access trojan that has been used by the group to hackRead more »

WikiLeaks Vault 8, US Not Alone in Election Hacking & Google Addresses Accessibility Services Flaw

  No End in Sight – With the latest round of WikiLeaks dumps now upping the game in regards to severity, reports are circulating that the US intelligence agency, the NSA was engaged in false flag operations. This is a method where certain activities are conducted to make cyber attacks seem attributed to other actorsRead more »