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Cryptojacking Script Found in Live Help Widget, Scarab Ransomware On the Loose & Tether Hack Not as Bad as First Feared…Maybe

  1500 Websites Affected – It seems criminals have been making the most of the Thanksgiving Holiday with most security professionals at home over the festive period and lots of people online for Black Friday. However, one researcher who didn’t have any time off discovered that around 1500 websites have been affected by a cryptojackingRead more »

Hack Tools Hacking the Hackers, Cryptojacking Craze Getting Worse & Ransomware the No. 1 Technology Threat to Patients in 2018

  Script Kiddies Beware – If you are a beginner to hacking and are searching online for free hack tools, it is wise to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Previous examples have included the Cobian RAT and the Facebook Hacking tool that instead of hacking the intended victims, inRead more »

Banks Targeted by the Silent Group, ONI Malware – Ransomware or Wiper & North Korea Steals Warship Blueprints

  Banks Targeted by ‘Silent’ Trojan – An unknown hacking group that has been dubbed the ‘Silence Group’ has been leveraging techniques similar to those deployed by the infamous Carbanak hacking group. Breaking into financial institutions via spear phishing campaigns, they stay there, silent, watching and recording employees activities, exfiltrate the data which in turnRead more »

Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack, Amazon WholeFoods Branches Breached & Dynamic Data Exchange Exploit

    Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack – US Homeland Security has reported that the APT Dragonfly/Energetic Bear has been targeting the countries energy, nuclear, water, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors since May 2017. With the FBI now actively involved in the investigation, these attacks are likely to be the first attempt to compromiseRead more »