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Russia Provides North Korea with Internet, NSA Worker Revealed in Kaspersky Scandal & DJI Drone Accused of Spying on Critical Infrastructure

  Russia in Bed with North Korea – With diplomatic tensions rising between North Korea and nearly every other country out there, there is one who is making closer ties with the hermit country. Russia is positioning itself to be a stronger North Korean ally, reaching out to provide North Korea with an internet connection.Read more »

Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack, Amazon WholeFoods Branches Breached & Dynamic Data Exchange Exploit

    Nuclear and Aviation Industry Under Attack – US Homeland Security has reported that the APT Dragonfly/Energetic Bear has been targeting the countries energy, nuclear, water, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors since May 2017. With the FBI now actively involved in the investigation, these attacks are likely to be the first attempt to compromiseRead more »