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China Tests Limits of US Hacking Truce, North Korea EMP Threat & Cyber Attacks an Act of War

  US – China Digital Diplomacy Struggles – Since 2015, the world’s two superpowers have agreed in writing to not hack each other’s private sector companies for commercial gain, which was recognised as the most effective demonstration of government negotiation to curtail cyberspying. However, under the surface, cybersecurity researchers along with recent world events haveRead more »

Deloitte Breach May Have Affected 350 Clients, North Korea is Testing America’s Electrical Companies & The Pirate Bay Running Cryptocurrency Miner

  Deloitte Cyber Attack Compromised 350 Clients – Reports from both the Guardian and Reuters are claiming that an estimated 350 clients, including US government departments, the United Nations and some of the world’s biggest multinationals have been affected by the recent Deloitte breach. With Deloitte initially claiming that only six clients were initially impacted,Read more »

North Korea Hackers Steal US-South Korea War Plans, FIN7 Hackers Return with New Attack & Dubai Airport Replacing Security Booths

  Military War Documents Stolen – Around 235GB of US-South Korean military documents have apparently been stolen by North Korean hackers. The DPRK have denied the claim but everything from wartime contingency plans, Special Forces operations, South Korean power plants/military facilities and even an assassination plan of Kim Jong-un have been apparently taken. With theRead more »

ISIS Poor Coding Skills, South Korea NEO Hoax & 540,000 Car Tracking Device Passwords Leaked

  ISIS Hackers Need Some Coding Practice –┬áRecent research suggests that the coders who work for ISIS produce buggy malware and easily crackable encryption programmes. In not so generous terms, one researcher described three hacking tools created by the group as “absolute garbage”. These identified flaws pretty much render anything produced so far by theRead more »