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WikiLeaks Vault 8, US Not Alone in Election Hacking & Google Addresses Accessibility Services Flaw

  No End in Sight – With the latest round of WikiLeaks dumps now upping the game in regards to severity, reports are circulating that the US intelligence agency, the NSA was engaged in false flag operations. This is a method where certain activities are conducted to make cyber attacks seem attributed to other actorsRead more »

WikiLeaks Releases Source Code of CIA Weapon, Toast Overlay Attack Detected & DDoS-for-Hire App in Play Store

  Bad News for the CIA and The Good Guys – For the first time, WikiLeaks has published the source code for a CIA cyber weapon. Dubbed ‘Hive’, the toolkit is an implant framework system that allows CIA operatives to control malware it has deployed on a system. This is a major step change fromRead more »

Russian Spy Files Released, China Accused of Scottish Parliament Cyber Attack & New Android Banking Trojan

  Wikileaks Release Russian Spy Files – With Wikileaks thought to be a covert arm/supporter of the Russian government in regards to its past leaks focusing mainly on the United States, it now appears strangely to target its supposed supporter. Or on the other hand, it could be throwing a big red herring out thereRead more »

Daily Cyber News 7 Sep 17

  Energy sector at threat from sabotage campaigns – A highly sophisticated and well-resourced Russian-linked hacking group who have been closely watched by US officials are actively lining up targets in the energy sector in several countries in potential sabotage campaigns. US, Turkey and Switzerland have been confirmed as targets and we only need toRead more »